Debt Collection Letter Template

Please note: You will not find the perfect dispute letter for your specific situation online, in a book, or anywhere else. You have to customize the language and wording in any template you find to correspond with your particular financial situation.

Whether you are disputing 30-day late status, a bankruptcy, a charge-off, etc. you need to customize any dispute letters you intend to mail out to your creditors.

Also, please READ the letters before sending them off. If you just copy and paste forms you find on the internet, you will FAIL in your efforts. This sample is provided solely to offer you ideas on what you should say.

You should also track all of your correspondence with your creditors in case you need to prove something later down the road. Keep copies of everything. Write down the names of anyone you speak to.

If you’re dealing with a collection agency working on behalf of one of your creditors, the agency’s only job is to collect the debt. Negotiating will be more difficult, but definitely isn’t impossible, particularly if the account is seriously past due.

When it comes down to debt negotiation with your creditors and lenders, you have a wide variety of alternatives. Your creditors may be willing to lower your monthly payments, defer one or more payments, waive late fees and penalties, lower your interest rate, or somehow restructure your loan to make paying it off more feasible based on your current economic situation.

As for really making payments or paying off your debt, you may be able to establish a long-term repayment plan that you can afford, or settle the account for up to 50 per cent less than your original debt. This will depend entirely on your individual situation, how well you’re able to negotiate, as well as your ability to pay off your debt(s) in a lump sum or via multiple payments.

(Your Name)
(City, State & ZIP)

(Creditor or Collection Agency)

(City, State & ZIP)

(Month) (Day), (201x)
RE: Acct # (XXXXXXX)

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in response to your [letter / call / credit report entry] on [date] concerning the collection of the above referenced account. Pursuant to my rights under federal debt collection laws, I am asking you to cease and desist all contact with me, in addition to my family and friends, with respect to this and all other alleged debts you claim I owe. As granted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I have the right to dispute this alleged debt.

I do not believe I owe what you say I owe therefore I dispute this alleged debt. I am well aware of my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and my state laws so I wish to save all parties involved a great deal of time by informing you that not only do I dispute the validity of this debt, but I have also checked with my State Attorney General and verified that the debt collection Statute of Limitations for enforcing this sort of debt through the court system in (insert your state or the state in which the contract was signed) has expired. Consequently, should you decide to pursue this matter legally I intend to notify the court of my dispute of this alleged debt and that the “statute of limitations” has expired.

You are hereby notified that if you fail to comply with this request I will immediately file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the [your state here] Attorney General’s office. Civil and criminal claims will be pursued.

This letter serves as your formal notification that I deem this matter closed and insist that you, or anyone affiliated with your company, immediately discontinue all communication with me concerning this or any other matter except to advise me that your debt collection efforts are being concluded or that you or the original creditor are taking specific actions permissible under the FDCPA or my state laws.

Be informed that I regard any contact not in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act a severe violation of the law and will without delay report any violations to my State Attorney General, to the Federal Trade Commission and, if necessary, take whatever legal action is necessary to protect myself. Be advised that I tape record all phone calls and violations of the FDCPA may result in you or your company being personally fined up to $1,000 per incident.

(Your Name)

IMPORTANT: Remember to customize the phrases contained in parentheses or brackets throughout the letter above. For example, where you see “(your name)” make sure you enter your name. Following the tips contained here will ensure that you dispute letter doesn’t sound like it came from a template. In short, your letter will get results! Good luck.